Sensocon is one of the US companies specialized in Differential Pressure, Air Velocity and Flow sensors and devices with a very competitive specifications and prices .

Sensocon are dedicated to bringing sensing products to the market that utilize advances in technology, design, or manufacturing that result in products superior in value, performance, or features.

Sensocon, pride ourselves on not only quality products, but also quality customer service. If you have any questions about our products or would like to discuss our capabilities of customizing products for your application please call.

Differential Pressure Gauge
Series S2000

The Series S2000 differential pressure gauges are low cost, diaphragm operated, mechanical differential pressure gauges that may be used in all applications where the Dwyer® Magnehelic® brand gages may be used. The Sensocon® Series S2000 differential pressure gauge can be used in applications for measuring positive, negative, or differential pressure with an accuracy of 2%. Standard applications include monitoring filter status, duct static pressure, room pressure, fan or blower pressure, paint booths, dust collectors, and cabinet purging along with many others.

Digital Differential Pressure Gauges & Controls
Sensocon is the market leader in digital differential pressure gauges and has the most complete offering of products currently available. Our products range from low cost digital differential pressure gauges that are ideal for upgrading existing mechanical gauges to digital differential pressure controllers with relay outputs to all stainless steel room pressure monitors.
Features of Digital Differential Pressure Gauges & Controls
  • Designed to fit the same size hole as the Dwyer® Magnehelic® or the Sensocon® Series S2000 making retrofit applications quick and easy.
  • Optional 4-20 mA output makes a digital indicating differential pressure transmitter perfect for applications that currently use a gauge and transmitter or where a transmitter output is required.
  • Universal power of 24-240 VAC or VDC gives the user a great deal of flexibility.
  • Fully programmable relay outputs including set points, time delays, and relay action.
  • Measures air velocity or flow when used with a flow probe or other flow sensing device.
  • Accuracy of 1%, 0.5%, or 0.25% available.

Differential Pressure Switch
Series 104

The Series 104 Differential Pressure Switch is a low-cost easy to use switch for very low pressure applications. The switch can monitor positive, negative, or differential pressure and with an easy to adjust set point knob makes field set up and adjustment hassle free. The differential pressure switch includes a SPDT relay rated for 2A @ 250V and can be set as low as 0.08” w.c. (20 Pa).
Wide Range of operation 20-1000 Pa

Differential Pressure Transmitter
Series 212

The Series 212 Weatherproof Differential Pressure Transmitter can accurately measure positive, negative, or differential pressure and send a corresponding 4-20 mA or 0-10 V output signal. The Series 212 Weatherproof Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed with an IP 65 enclosure and can be easily mounted to any flat surface. The Series 212 is not position sensitive and can be mounted in any orientation without compromising accuracy. The compact, lightweight design makes installation simple and easy.
Wide Range of operation 0-100 kPa ( 0 – 100,000 Pa ).

Air Flow Capture Hood
Series VF

The Series VF Air Flow Capture Hood accurately measures air volume flowing through registers, diffusers and grills. The Air Flow Capture Hood is light weight and is easily handled by one person for measuring supply or exhaust airflow. The large LCD simultaneously displays airflow, velocity and temperature and can store up to 100 readings in a non volatile memory for later analysis. Later analysis of the Air Flow Capture Hood data is easily downloaded to your computer with the included RS-232 cable and software. Each Series VF Air Flow Capture Hood includes airflow measuring base, 2’ x 2’ (610 mm) hood, brackets, RS-232 cable, software, nylon carrying case, batteries, and calibration data sheet.
CH2 – 2’ x 4’ hood expansion kit (610 x 1220 mm).